Sales Tips

Selling on Kupatana is very simple and something that anyone can do. Here are some sales tips to increase your chances of getting the goods sold even faster.

1. Set a good price

Putting the right price,
everything is going to sell at the right price.

  • Look for prices at similar goods.
  • For faster sales, put a lower price.

2. Take good photos

A picture says a thousand words.

  • Take several pictures from different angles.
  • Ads with multiple images get more visitors.
  • Make sure your product is complete and clean.
  • Take pictures in good light.

3. Clear title and ad text

Think about what you would need to know
if it was you who would buy.

  • Write a clear and factual headline.
  • Write a detailed, relevant ad text.
  • Include information such as dimensions, colors and age.
  • Be honest, write out any defects.
  • Run a spell check. A correctly spelled text gives a better impression.

Increase opportunities to be seen!


If you want your ad to appear extra, you can add that you want your ad to appear in The Gallery

Edit ad

Do not you get your item sold? Try to change the ad to get more responses eg means a lower price or replace the item.

Good luck with the sale!

Get Started!

  • Go through your stuff. if it has not been used in a year, it is perhaps time to sell?