PLENARY Hager Werken Powder for sale+27785819098 made in Germany,Boksburg,Brakpan,Clayville,

PLENARY Hager Werken Powder for sale+27785819098 made in Germany,Boksburg,Brakpan,Clayville,PINK COLOR Senekal Vredefort+27785819098 embraming powder hager werken in johannesburg south africa
Active Hager & Werken embalming products

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(+27785819098) available in Johannesburg south africa
Embalming is the art and science of prese rving human
remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals)
to forestall decomposition. The intention is to keep
them suitable for public display at a funeral,
for religious reasons, or for medical and scientific
purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.
[1] The three goals of embalming are sanitization,
presentation and preservation (or restoration).
Embalming has a very long and cross-cultural history,
with many cultures giving the embalming processes a greater
religious meaning. specific uses are: sanitization,
presentation and preservation (or restoration).
Typses of embraming powder is dependant on the purity and colour.
Purity:98% ,100% Hot Compound Origin:Germany Brand:Hager Werken
PURITY ON COLOUR. pink 98% white 100% Distributor
Reaction: Radioactive and compound
At preferably adorable prices
Starting from one kilogram upwards. Looking for serious buyers!
Please contact your local dental dealer.
End consumer Please contact your pharmacist or dentist.
Dealers If you are not currently a Hager & Werken Customer
please contact our Customer Service Distributor direct in the great
Sandton city of South
africa or Germany

EMAIL: [email protected]


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