***Diabetes Awareness**
Food we eat is broken into glucose(glucose is
a sugar).
Cells use glucose for growth.Glucose enter
cells with aid of insulin. So insulin regulates
glucose(sugar) levels in blood. Diabetes has mainly 3 types. Type 1 where the pancrease
cant produce iinsulin at all so one has to take
insulin for life.
Type 2 is where ones pancrease produces
little insulin. Some times the cells are insulin
resistant causing high sugars in the blood which is dangerous to ones life.
When one decides to live and feed health,
feeding on low fat content, Bright future an
American Health company will help them
cure and prevent Diabetes plus other health
complications like pressure, stroke, heart attacks , fibroids, kidney and liver
complications even sexual complications call
Blood sugars can lower to the level where
one needs no insulin or metoformin because
the pancrease can be repaired to produce its own insulin

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